NASA Technology Transfer
Particle Damping
Vibration Mitigation
for Circuit Cards

US Patent US9521753 B1
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NASA Technology Transfer

NASA granted an exclusive worldwide license to TopLine entitled Particle Damping for Vibration Mitigation for Circuit Cards. The NASA invention U.S. Patent 9,521,753 B1 describes Vibration Damping Device for Circuit Cards Assemblies. The invention pertains to the use of PID - Particle Impact Dampers to attenuate destructive vibrations in PC Board assemblies. Usage includes printed circuit board assemblies in all fields.


2 Minute Video:
What is PID Particle Impact Damper?

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center developed a novel way to attenuate destructive vibratory forces to reduce damage in printed circuit assemblies. This innovation extends the life of the card assembly including IC packages that operate under harsh environments, thermal stress and vibration

The PID is mounted near the geometric center of the PC board assembly where vibratory forces are the greatest.

The kinetic energy is transfer to the PID to dampen vibration in the circuit card assembly. PID provides more reduction in vibration than using alternative methods of adding heavy metal supports, bumpers or increasing the thickness of the PC board.

PID are commercially available COTS components. Mounting methods include: standard surface mount soldering, snap-in throughhole, screw mounting and epoxy mounting with permanent adhesives. Engineering development kits are currently under development.More Details >>.

License Cover Letter
NASA TechBriefs September 2016

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