Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
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Number Leads Order Number
in Reels
Order Number
in Tubes
Daisy Chain Outline Drawing
18 PLCC18E13A PLCC18M - Drawing
20 PLCC20E13A PLCC20M Daisy Chain Drawing
28 PLCC28E13A PLCC28M Daisy Chain Drawing
32 PLCC32E13A PLCC32M Daisy Chain Drawing
44 PLCC44E13A PLCC44M Daisy Chain Drawing
52 PLCC52E13A PLCC52M Daisy Chain Drawing
68 PLCC68E13A PLCC68M Daisy Chain Drawing
84 PLCC84E13A PLCC84M Daisy Chain Drawing

Lead Free: Add to Part Number: TIN = Sn100
Daisy Chain: Add -DE to end of Part Number
Isolated circuit without internal connections: Add -ISO to end of Part Number.

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