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Listing Policy

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Trade Show Listing Policy:
1. Applicable Events:
    a. Trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and symposiums with table top or full exhibit area open to public.
    b. Exhibits must be related to industrial electronics and semiconductor industries.
2. Non-Applicable Listings:
    a. Conferences, membership meetings, symposiums, tutorials and workshops without an exhibit area.
    b. Association luncheon meetings.
    c. Online meetings and webcasts.
    d. Non industrial electronics and semiconductor industries.
    e. Events primarily featuring consumer electronics such as games, software, telecom and computers.

Event sponsors are invited to submit listings of industry events that include free admission to an exhibit area.
To keep our listings to a manageable, we regret that we are unable to list non-exhibition conferences.
Listings are at the sole discretion of TopLine.

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