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JEDEC Matrix IC Tray
Small quantity orders welcome.
Tray type Size Range JEDEC
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JEDEC Matrix Tray (316mm x 136mm)
BGA Tray 5mm ~ 52.5mm CO-029 BGATRAY
QFN Tray 3mm ~ 10mm CO-034 QFNTRAY
QFP Tray 10mm ~ 40mm CS-004 QTRAY
LQFP Tray 7mm ~ 28mm CS-007 LQTRAY
TQFP Tray 5mm ~ 20mm CS-007 TQTRAY
BQFP Tray 100L ~ 132L CS-002 BQTRAY
PLCC Tray 32L ~ 84L CO-016
TSOP Tray Type I CS-008 TTRAY
TSOP Tray Type II CS-005 T2TRAY
Low profile JEDEC trays average weight 18.5Kg (~40-lbs) per 100 trays.
2" AND 4" Waffle Pack
For Bare Die, Chips and Small Parts

Small quantity orders welcome.
Tray Size Size Range - Click for Details
2" Waffle 0.5mm ~ 25mm - WP2
4" Waffle 2mm ~ 39mm - WP4
Description Notes - Click for Details
Tray Cover
Cover plate snaps on top & bottom
Fits all JEDEC trays
Reuseable & Bakeable
VGrip Tray
Permanent ESD Safe
Velcro Tray Strap.
23" Long (580mm)
- Tray Strap
Tray Clips
Snap On
Reuseable & Bakeable
Orange, Yellow
Green, Blue, other colors
- Tray Clip
TO Tray Universal Transistor Tray
TO-5, TO-18, TO-39, TO-46, TO-52, TO-75, TO-78, TO99, TO-100

Harmonized Code HS 3923.10.0000   •   EAR-99
JEDEC = Joint Electron Device Engineering Council.

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