Mirrored & Patterned
Dummy Die
Mechanical Dummy Die
Mirrored and Etched Patterns
Experimental use in Lab
Variety of Applications
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Example Die with Etch Patterns

Quick Specs:
Material: Si (Silicon)
Die size 0.25mm to 25mm
Thickness 100~725 µm

Use and Applications:
Laboratory testing

Delivery Stock to 4 weeks

Bare Die Part Numbering System
MD - 5.0x3.5 - BG250 - W
Die Type - Size in millimeter - Back Grinding
Thickness µm
Mirrored Dummy Die
MD=Single Die
WMD=Sawn Wafer

Pattern Etched Die
ED=Single Die
WED=Sawn Wafer
- All sizes available
0.25 ~ 25mm

Square Die:
1.0 = 1.0mm SQ
2.5 = 2.5mm SQ

Rectangule Die:
5.0x3.5 = 5.0x3.5mm
10x7.5 = 10x7.5mm
- Blank= No Backgrinding


All thickness available
  MD & ED series:
Packed in Tray
W = Waffle Pack 2-inch
P = Waffle Pack 4-inch

WMD & WED series:
Diced on Tape
H8 = 8-inch Plastic Hoop
NT8 = 8-inch Nitto Tape & Ring
UV8 = 8-inch UV Tape & Ring
UV12 = 12-inch UV Tape & Ring
Variety of options and packaging are available. Tell us your application.
Die and Wafer Ordering
Mirrored Die
Waffle Pack
Pattern Die
Waffle Pack
Mirrored Die
Sawn Wafer
Tape & Ring
Pattern Die
Sawn Wafer
Tape & Ring
MD-mm x mm-BG300-W
BG back grind optional
Packed in
2-inch Waffle Tray
ED-mm x mm-BG300-P
BG back grind optional
Packed in
4-inch Waffle Tray
WMD-mm x mm-BG300-UV8
BG back grind optional
Cured UV Tape
8-inch Metal Ring
WED-mm x mm-BG300-UV12
BG back grind optional
Cured UV Tape
12-inch Metal Ring
Back grinding available all thicknesses. Variety of packaging options are available. Tell us your application.

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