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TopLine was founded in 1989 as the original "one-stop-shop" for daisy chain components. Over the past decades, TopLine has helped thousands of customers to define and refine their SMD assembly processes in 45 countries.

Today, TopLine manufactures BGA and CCGA Column Grid Array, solder columns and a wide range of daisy chain semiconductor packages, and test vehicle PC boards. TopLine assists thousands of customers define and refine their SMT and microelectronics assembly processes. Our fully-illustrated 160 page catalog includes over 1000 different dummy packages and practice kits. Expert application engineers are ready to offer solutions to your complex requirements.

Dummy Components are a low cost way to define and refine your SMT assembly processes. TopLine offers same day shipping on most items.

Our customers are constantly discovering new ways to use dummy components. Typical applications include machine evaluation, acceptance testing, solder training, temperature profiling, re-certification, prototype design, practice and demonstrations.

Whether you require special packaging or a custom PC Board designed, TopLine does all these efficiently and routinely. Gerber files to make solder-paste stencil are free.

We offer many training guides such as the SMD Nomenclature Book and Quick Study Dummy Components, and free component outline drawings and PC Board footprints from our Document Center.  And be sure to download our free library of 450 TopArt Clip Art illustrations of electronic components.

Below are some highlights of our accomplishments:

1989   TopLine offers QFP100 25mil pitch.
1990   TopLine introduces 0.5mm pitch QFP208.
1991   TopLine introduces TSOP
1992   TopLine introduces 0.4mm pitch QFP256.
1993   TopLine introduces practice PCB and kits.
1994   TopLine introduces TQFP 0.3mm pitch.
1995   TopLine introduces BGA Ball Grid Arrays and flip chips.
1996   TopLine adds CSP Chip Scale Packages including µBGA.
1997   TopLine launches website.
1998   TopLine adds 1.0mm pitch BGA.
1999   TopLine introduces 0.8mm pitch CSP.
2000   Wide range of "lead-free" components and 0.5mm pitch CSP.
2001   TopLine expands Products.
2002   TopLine moves to new headquarters.
2003   TopLine expands. Opens sales office in Georgia.
2004   TopLine opens BGA manufacturing facility.
2005   TopLine expands Lead Free (No-Pb) RoHS compatible products.
2006   TopLine opens BGA assembly in Silicon Valley facility.
2007   TopLine produces BGA 0.4mm daisy chain (No-Pb) RoHS.
2008   TopLine introduces Open Cavity QFN for microelectronics prototyping.
2009   TopLine expands facility near Altanta, Georgia.
2010   TopLine introduces WLP Series, wafer level WL-CSP with daisy chain.
2011   TopLine introduces eWLP Series, embedded die with daisy chain.
2012   TopLine introduces BGA 0.3mm pitch daisy chain.
2013   TopLine establishes manufacturing of CCGA Column Grid Arrays and solder columns at California facility.
2014   NASA transfers technology to TopLine to manufacture CCGA Micro-Coil Springs .
2015   TopLine partners with Tanaka to provide gold, silver, aluminum and copper wire for semiconductor and LED markets.
2016   NASA transfers technology to TopLine to manufacture and commercialize Vibration attenuation PID Particle Impact Dampers .
2017   TopLine receives patent in the field of CCGA - Column Grid Array.
2018   TopLine delivers one-million copper wrapped solder columns for CCGA - Column Grid Array packages.
2019   TopLine quadruples production space at California plant to ramp production of solder columns for CCGA - Column Grid Array packages.
2020   TopLine increses strategic relationship with Tanaka to distribute fine bonding wire to Universities and microelectronic assembly labs in North America and Europe.
2022   TopLine attains 15 patents in the fields of Column Grid Arrays and Vibration Dampers.

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