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Al-SiC Heat Spreaders
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ABOUT Heat Spreaders: Heat spreaders are made from Al-SiC low CTE materials to dissapate heat generated by the die on ceramic CCGA packages.
CN Style Heat Spreader Cover
DWG CCGA Size (mm) Max Die Height Part Number Supports Material SolidWorks
111310 31mm 1.95mm CN-CAP31A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111320 32.5mm 1.95mm CN-CAP32A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111350 35mm 1.95mm CN-CAP35A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111370 37.5mm 1.95mm CN-CAP37A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111400 40mm 1.95mm CN-CAP40A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111420 42.5mm 1.95mm CN-CAP42A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111450 45mm 1.95mm CN-CAP45A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111520 52.5mm 1.95mm CN-CAP52A 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
111000 All 1.95mm CN-CAP ALL 4-Corner Posts AlSiC Model
CF Flat Style Heat Spreader Cover
DWG CCGA Size (mm) Heatspreader
Part Number Style Material SolidWorks
112033 35 x 35mm 1.0mm CF4-CAP33C Flat Lid
Cloverleaf Design
AlSiC Heatspreader Model

Attached to
CCGA Model
Recommended Thermally Conductive
SE 4450 Adhesive
for Attaching Heat Spreaders to Ceramic Substrates
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